Casa Pasola is located in a residential expat community on Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. Accessible by car, water taxi, or a 15 minute walk on the beach from West End & West Bay Beach, we are close to restaurants, shopping, animal encounters, & zip line parks. Casa Pasola is situated 70 meters from the beach and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. Among the amenities are free WiFi, cable, & a semi-private, covered porch overlooking a quaint path that leads to the beach. Clean & uncrowded Turtle Beach is only a 2 minute walk to amazing snorkeling, swimming and one of Roatan’s top dive shops. A flock of scarlet macaws live in Gumbalimba Park & regularly pass over, occasionally stopping for berries in the trees…how often can you say, “Look, the macaws are flying overhead”?